San Diego, CA Coastal North County GP (SOLD)

Located in a thriving beach community with a small town feel is this general dental practice newly on the market! This is your opportunity to live where others vacation in Southern CA. Recently named as one of the ‘Best Surf Towns in the World’ by National Geographic, the location can’t be beaten. The practice is within 45 minutes of downtown San Diego. It has, however it’s own coastal feel. An eclectic downtown with a unique and dynamic blend of surf shops, coffee houses and independent stores and restaurants. Iconic surf beaches dot the coastline.

The practice itself is located in a medical/office building with over 2,000 square feet. Additionally, there is room to expand as 6 operatories are equipped currently, with an additional opertory plumbed. The current doctor has practiced in the community for over a decade and is willing to stay on to ensure a smooth transition.

To learn more about this practice in the Flower Capital of the World, read below: 

  • 6 fully equipped operatories with an additional op plumbed for expansion opportunity
  • Collections of $2.3 million
  • Adjusted EBITDA $475,000
  • 3,700 active patients with 36 new patients per month
  • 2,000 SF practice

To learn more about this fantastic practice in coastal SD North County, contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies via email: or reach out by phone: 719.694.8320!

General Practice Outside Santa Fe, NM for Sale (SOLD)

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment- and this general practice is certainly enchanting! Located in a free standing building with excellent visibility and over 2,400 square feet. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the area is known for clean air, quality healthcare and outstanding educational opportunities. With two National Forests located minutes from downtown, outdoor adventure awaits! The town itself is known for it’s walk-ability and immersive arts scene.

After spending the day hiking or biking the trails, take a dip in the Montezuma hot springs. Or stay in town and explore the New Mexican cuisine with a plethora of local restaurants. The area is steeped in history- offering old trails and new adventures. Perfectly positioned near Santa Fe and Taos- the area is the perfect center for small town living with easy access to larger cities!

To learn more about this excellent practice near Santa Fe, read below: 

  • 4 operatories with expansion opportunity
  • Nearly $700,000 in collections
  • Adjusted EBITDA $175,000
  • 3,000 active patients
  • Real estate opportunity as well! 

The current doctor is highly motivated to sell and is open to all offers! To learn more, please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies. Kaile can be reached via email: or 719.694.8320.

4 Reasons Confidentiality Is Important During the Dental Practice Transition Process

It’s only natural to want to share your news with the world as soon as you decide to purchase or sell a dental practice, but there are more pros than cons when it comes to keeping the details of your deal under wraps. Here’s how and why confidentiality is important during the dental practice transition process.


As a business owner, you’ll want to make sure the deal is finalized before notifying your staff and patients alike. Just as staff can get nervous and even start job hunting at the thought of insecurity with a new boss, patients can likewise start looking for other doctors if they find out you’re hanging up the proverbial hat.

Bottom line

Any drastic changes to your practice during the sale process can result in a decline in value, whether based on a change of staff or patient demographics. A “warm handoff” that is properly executed and conveyed will account for significantly less attrition, not to realize good faith in knowing both staff and patients will be in good hands.


If word gets out that you’re working on selling your practice, that opens the door for competing dentists to up their marketing game and try to steal patients and staff. Even if your pending departure isn’t for another couple of years, sale details shared too soon can be used against you and your business too soon.


If you are currently an associate in a practice but in the market to purchase your own, leaked details can get back to your employer and result in termination of your employment contract. For this reason, it’s worth repeating that associateships are typically only 20 percent effective due to not everything being agreed upon from the outset and different expectations not being met by both parties.

What’s next?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to start and finish the dental practice transition process the right way.

Thriving Buffalo, NY Area General Practice (Off Market)

A high-producing, successful practice in Northern New York is looking to sell or affiliate with the right group.  Dentist/Owner is happy to stay on as long as necessary and is committed to the success of the practice. The practice enjoys a loyal patient base and long-serving staff; as a result the goodwill within the practice is tremendous.

Experience Buffalo’s remarkable transformation, including a redeveloped waterfront, revitalized neighborhoods, and a burgeoning craft beer scene. Add a rich history and the designation of America’s Best Designed City, and you’ve got a lot to see!

For more information about this practice opportunity in The Empire State, read below: 

  • 4 fully equipped ops with expansion opportunity (fifth op already plumbed)
  • Over 2100 active patients and averaging another 11 new patients/month
  • Collections of $680,000
  • $80,000 Adjusted EBITDA
  • Easy growth opportunity with additional hours open
  • Great visibility in medical/office building with ample parking

This type of practice doesn’t come on the market everyday, therefore, contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies to learn more & receive a copy of the prospectus. Reach Kaile anytime via email: or by phone: 719.694.8320.

How to Compete with an Institutional Buyer of a Dental Practice

As with any real estate purchase, it’s not a matter of finding a property you want to invest in and purchasing it. There are many steps that happen in between, including competing with other potential buyers. And it’s not always a matter of who has the most money. Here’s what you need to know when competing with an institutional buyer of a dental practice.

Prove your worth

The best way to get to know who you are bidding against in order to come out on top is to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as compare how they will be selling themselves with your own value proposition. Then, play to your own strengths and show the seller how you will be caring for their patients in actionable steps in terms of your experience with long-term patients using your CV and letter of intent.

Online reviews

Develop a strong presence on review sites to generate positive awareness so the selling doctor can learn how your current patients see you rather than simply taking your word for it. With all the sweat equity put into building a practice, the doctor will want to sell to someone they like and will trust with their patients. The amount of the offer doesn’t matter as much as the amount of trust a selling doctor has in handing over the reins.

Accept defeat

In the end, it’s important to know you won’t win them all. It is hard to compete with groups that allow the dentist to ramp down their time and will pay a substantial premium for the practice. The best thing you can do is to be creative proactively and learn from past deals that fell through. The way you structure a deal can matter, so coming up with unique incentive programs and longer-term payouts can help with the seller’s taxes, in addition to being willing to pay a premium to compete.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to find a dental practice for sale in your area.

San Diego, CA Implant Practice for Sale (Off Market)

[vc_row][vc_column][ut_video_player url=”” caption=”Click to Watch Video on this San Diego Implant Practice for Sale: ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED” poster=”2373″][vc_column_text]

Newly on the market is this modern and high-end implant-centric practice in San Diego, Ca! America’s Finest City is known for warm waters, warmer weather and sandy beaches speckled with surfers and this is your opportunity to own an exceptional practice. Located in a medical building with plenty of parking, the location can’t be beaten! The practice itself is 6,000 square feet; with large opratories.

Experience the California coastline via the world class surf scene of San Diego. If you prefer staying on the shore take a bike ride along the coast or visit Santee Boulders- San Diego’s most popular bouldering area. For a quick lunch work out, visit Cowles Mountain- the highest point in the city with panoramic views. Follow your adventures with a visit to the diverse, fresh restaurant scene. Additionally, the practice is in one of best school districts in the county- making it a great practice for a young family!

To learn more about this high-end dental practice, please read below:

  • 5 operatories
  • Collections over $3.1M
  • SDE nearly $870,000
  • Doctor has practiced in community for nearly 40 years and has built an incredible foundation of goodwill
  • 500 active patients with ~50 new patients per month
  • Incredible growth opportunity with extended hours and increased marketing

Reach out to Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies to receive a copy of the prospectus and learn more about this practice in America’s Finest City: San Diego, CA! Kaile can be reached by phone: 719.694.8320 or anytime via email:

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Front Range, CO Orthodontic Practice (Off Market)

This is your opportunity to own an outstanding orthodontic practice in one of the fastest growing cities on the Front Range in Colorado! Located in a free-standing building in an incredibly highly desired area of town. The current doctor has practiced in the community for over 20 years and has built an great foundation of goodwill and referrals. The practice itself is over 2,800 square feet.

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains- the area boasts easy access to the mountains for hiking and biking. Located within a quick trip of Denver International Airport or simply head west over the pass to access the Western Slope for back country skiing.

To learn more about this exceptional practice, continue to read below:

  • 5 fully equipped operatories
  • Over $655,000 in collections
  • Adjusted EBITDA nearly $122,000
  • Located in a highly desirable retail center with over 2,800 SF
  • Great growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

For a closer look at this practice in this growing area of Colorado, read on:

  • Over 440 active patients with 20 new patients per month
  • Patient files in office are by: Individual
  • Source of Patient Numbers: Practice Management Software
  • Last Complete Chart Audit: Daily


Finally, to learn more about this Front Range Ortho practice and receive a copy of the prospectus reach out to Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies via email: or by phone: 719.694.8320

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Outstanding Practice outside Las Vegas, NV (SOLD)

Low humidity, great schools, exceptional access to outdoor recreation and a quick trip to all Las Vegas has to offer…this general dentistry practice in Nevada is an outstanding opportunity!

A practice like this doesn’t come on the market often; it’s a frequent saying, however in this case- it’s more than accurate. Located in a single story retail building with incredible visibility- over 10,000 vehicles per day pass by on this main thoroughfare! The practice is over 2,500 square feet and features an in house laboratory. The doctor has practiced in the community for over 15 years and built great goodwill.

Far enough away from Las Vegas to ensure a community feel, yet close enough to enjoy all the shows, dining and events Vegas is famous for! Voted as the Top City to Live in NV last year by Time Magazine, this location and practice is truly top notch. Located near an area of town that is known for it’s exceptional school systems, this practice is ideal for those with young families. Additionally, a quick trip outside of town allows access to world class rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, rafting, hiking and ski resorts.

To learn even more details about this wonderfully designed practice, please read more below:

  • 8 Fully Equipped dental operatories
  • More than 5,700 Active Patients
  • Over $1.8 in Collections
  • Adjusted EBITDA almost $360,000
  • High visibility on main thoroughfare
  • Furthermore, there is great growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

Even more information about this most noteworthy practice included below:


  • Over 5700 active patients
  • Patient Files in Office are By: Individual
  • Source of Patient Numbers: Practice Management Software


  • Diagnostic ………………… 9.7%
  • Preventive ………………… 4.8%
  • Restorative ……………….. 22.2%
  • Endodontics ……………… 3.4%
  • Periodontics ……………… 6.1%
  • Implant/Fixed Prosth .. 39.3%
  • Oral Surgery ……………… 3.6%
  • Adjunct Service……….. 6.2%

Don’t wait! It is time to CONTACT US:

This opportunity certainly won’t be available for long. For that reason, we recommend you contact us soon!

To learn even more about this undeniably incredible practice, please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies either by phone at 719.694.8320 or certainly by email at

Discover More Opportunities

Why DSOs Can Pay More for a Practice than a Single Practitioner

Now that you know for a fact that fewer dental practices are selling to individuals, the next natural question is, “Why?” When it comes to putting pen to paper, selling to a dental service organization can make financial sense for both the buyer and seller. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of the process.

Private equity money

Since DSOs typically do not have to rely on bank financing because they are funded by private equity groups, they can pay more for practices than the standard individual. What’s more, you’ll get a higher valuation because a DSO won’t take hard assets into account but rather will focus on collections and other finances. DSOs also have private equity money, which is favorable to a bank over an individual buyer when it comes to securing a loan.

Economies of scale

With an increase in dental service organizations comes more options available to dentists looking to sell. More doctors today are affiliating with DSOs than ever before because of the variety available. Selling to a DSO makes sense when the seller is looking to stay on with the practice but wants to release managerial responsibilities, such as in a retirement situation or anyone who is looking to maintain a work-life balance.

Cost structure optimization

DSOs have gotten a negative reputation because of their seeming corporate interest. A DSO is a likely buyer when the seller is looking to stay on with the practice but wants to release managerial responsibilities, such as in a retirement situation or anyone who is looking to maintain a work-life balance. Selling to a DSO allows you to focus on the clinical side and patient care without contributing time and money associated with running a business.

Loan amount

Banks are typically not able to loan on larger practices that value somewhere around $2 million to single practitioners; however, DSOs can. Simply put, banks essentially have a set amount of how much they will loan a dental practice, while DSOs have the ability to compete in bidding wars without set limits.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to see which transition option works best for you.

Aurora, CO General Practice (Sold)

Incredible access to the Rocky Mountains, top-notch school systems, and Cherry Creek State Park- this practice has it all! Located in a growing suburb of Denver, you will have everything you need to experience true Front Range living. The current doctor has practiced in the community for over 40 years and has built a tremendous amount of goodwill, with patients feeling more like family. Located in a medical building with over 2,500 square feet this practice is prime for transition and ripe with potential!

The practice is located in a highly desired area of Aurora- boasting some of the best public schools in the district. If you’re familiar with the town, you know highway access can be a burden, however this practice is very near one of the main thoroughfares- making access quick and easy! Additionally, 9 Mile Train station is very close to the practice; allowing easy trips to downtown Denver. Or if you’d prefer to get farther from town, the Rocky Mountains provided an inviting get-away of fourteeners to hike, endless singletrack mountain biking and unbeatable rock climbing.

For more information about this practice in highly desirable Cherry Creek area read below:

  • 6 operatories
  • Nearly $780,000 in collections
  • Adjusted EBITDA is $94,000
  • 973 active patients with about 10 new patients per month
  • Doctor has practiced in the community for over 4 decades and is ready to retire; creating an excellent opportunity for a new dentist

Contact us soon! In our experience, practices in this area go quickly- and this isn’t marketing jargon; the Aurora area is growing quickly and the market is hot!

To learn even more about this incredible practice opportunity, please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies either by phone at 719.694.8320 or certainly by email at