Miami-Dade County, FL OMS Practice for Sale (SOLD)

This dental practice in northwest Miami, Florida is on the market and it is hot! This specialty oral surgery and implant practice is well-established in the community. Located in an upscale office building with over 1,700 square feet. The current doctor has practiced in the community for over three decades. As such, they are willing to stay on for a number of years to ensure a smooth transition.

The practice is in a suburb of Miami, FL and is a short drive to downtown or only ten miles from the airport! Enjoy a lower cost of living while having easy access to all Miami is famous for. The area is known for it’s tree lined streets and low crime rate in addition to it’s well-regarded public school system. With a vibrant community and international roots, there is a thriving arts scene as well. Visit Oleta River State Park- a haven for mountain bikers, paddlers, anglers and families just thirty minutes from downtown Miami.

To learn more about this outstanding practice in the Sunshine state, read below: 

  • 4 fully equipped operatories
  • Collections nearly $690,000
  • Adjusted EBITDA nearly $120,000
  • Current doctor willing to stay on for smooth transition
  • Great growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

Production summary by category: 

Diagnostic…………………. 15.4%

Implant……………………… 4.8%

Oral Surgery……………….. 72.8%

Adjunct Service…………… 5.0%

Other…………………………. 1.9%

To receive a copy of the prospectus and learn more about this practice opportunity in Miami-Dade County, please reach out to Kaile with Professional Transition Strategies. Email anytime: or by phone: 719.694.8320


Multi-location Ortho Practice in Colorado (Off Market)

Take the trail less traveled, get away from the crowds and check out this orthodontic practice in Southern Colorado! Two locations with loads of room to expand- this practice is prime for growth in  two towns quickly growing in popularity. Each location is over 2,000 square feet located in a retail center and a medical building respectively. With ample parking and good visibility, the practice is a breeze for your patients to visit. The current doctor has practiced in the community for over 25 years and has built an outstanding reputation of goodwill.

Southern Colorado has some of the best outdoor recreation opportunities in a state bursting with outdoor adventure! Explore the Great Sand Dunes National Park- the tallest sand dunes in North America. Take in the majestic views of the San Luis Valley from miles of amazing single-track trails. The area has a variety of food options, but is well known for the flavorful bowls of green chili. There is something for everyone in these beautiful CO locations!

Read below to learn more about this outstanding ortho practice:

  • Two locations in popular CO towns
  • One location has 5 operatories, the other 9 fully equipped ops
  • Collections nearly $665,000
  • SDE almost $365,000
  • Furthermore, there is great growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

To learn even more about this incredible orthodontic practice in colorful Colorado, please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies either by phone at 719.694.8320 or any time via email at


Why Are Fewer Dental Practices Selling to Individuals?

It’s no secret that fewer dental practices are selling to individuals than ever before. That’s not to discourage new or transitioning dentists but rather some encouragement to think outside the traditional transition box. Here’s what you need to know to get your dental practice transition on track.

Increased DSOs

With an increase in dental service organizations comes more options available to dentists looking to sell. More doctors today are affiliating with DSOs than ever before because of the variety available. Selling to a DSO makes sense when the seller is looking to stay on with the practice but wants to release managerial responsibilities, such as in a retirement situation or anyone who is looking to maintain a work-life balance.

DSO funding

Since DSOs typically do not have to rely on bank financing because they are funded by private equity groups, they can pay more for practices than the standard individual. What’s more, you’ll get a higher valuation because a DSO won’t take hard assets into account but rather will focus on collections and other finances. DSOs also have private equity money, which is favorable to a bank over an individual buyer when it comes to securing a loan.

Transition options

More practices are forming private groups and are more interested in associates than bringing on partners than ever before. Most dentists take on an associate in hopes of potentially selling the practice in the future, and because the average dental school loans are close to $300,000, dentists typically need to take on an associate for a few years prior to buying a practice.


Simply put, new dentists are less specialized than older dentists who are selling their practices. As is the case with a general dentist who has practiced for more than 30 years and has now decided to specialize in TMJ or implants, a new doctor hasn’t practiced long enough to specialize in these aspects of general dentistry.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to figure out which selling option is right for you and your dental practice.

Westside Colorado Springs, CO Practice for Sale (Off Market)

This general dental practice for sale in Colorado Springs, CO has been a part of our growing community for decades! Located in a medical/office center with over 2400 square feet, the practice has great visibility in a high-traffic area of town. The current doctor has practiced in town for over forty years and is ready to pass on their legacy.

Located in Olympic City USA- and one of the top 25 Fittest Cities in America, the Springs offers endless opportunities for recreation and sports. Visit one of several championship golf courses; including the Broadmoor Hotel’s. Challenge yourself on the Manitou Incline; an extreme trail overlooking the city, with elevation gain of over 2,000 feet in less than a mile. The practice is in close proximity to one of the geological wonders of the world- Garden of the Gods. All of this with incredible views of Pike’s Peak- the town’s local 14er mountain.

To learn more about this legendary practice in Colorado Springs, read below: 

  • Five fully equipped operatories
  • Collections over $1.2 million
  • SDE over $400,000
  • Great location in a highly regarded area of town
  • Growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

To learn more about this opportunity in sunny Colorado Springs, CO (300 days of sunshine!), please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies either by phone at 719.694.8320 or certainly by email at


Colorado Springs, CO: Satellite Practice & RE (Off Market)

Colorado Springs, CO is heavy with accolades: rated #1 Best Town by Outside Magazine, Best Place to Raise an Outdoor Kid, Fittest City in America, Best City for Young Adults…the list goes on! This dental practice with real estate is a great opportunity to own your very own piece of Colorado Springs, CO.

Located near retail establishments and a major North/South thoroughfare, this practice has great visibility and ease of access for your patients. The current doctor has practiced in the community for thirty years and built tremendous goodwill in the process. Only ten minutes from downtown COS and minutes from the Olympic Training Center the practice is centrally located near many of the city’s main attractions. Additionally, for docs in pursuit of outdoor recreation, the practice itself is next to one of the oldest golf courses west of the Mississippi! A quick drive will have you in Stratton Open Space and mountain access (Pikes Peak is the local 14-er)!

To learn more about this efficient practice, located in one of the best places to live in America, please read more below:

  • 3 Fully Equipped dental operatories
  • Over $394,000 in Collections
  • Adjusted EBITDA almost $33,000
  • Real estate opportunity included
  • Furthermore, there is great growth opportunity with extended hours, offering more services in house and additional marketing efforts

Go ahead, CONTACT US and learn more:

To learn even more about this warm and welcoming practice, please contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies either by phone at 719.694.8320 or any time by email at

Discover More Opportunities with PTS:

OKC, OK High Producing Practice (Off the Market)

Dental Practice for Sale in Oklahoma City, OK

If you are looking for an extremely high-producing general practice in Oklahoma City, OK, it is your lucky day! This practice is one of a kind and is a prime example of how a single clinician can make it BIG with an efficient system. OKC has a rugged western past with it’s working stockyards and the title of Horse Show Capital of the World. And yet, one can still find culture, cuisine and all the modern amenities found in a modern metropolis.

To learn even more about this most noteworthy practice, read below:

  • 8 operatories (4 equipped and another 4 plumbed)
  • All newer equipment and over 4,000 square ft office space
  • Almost 1400 active patients with 11 new patients per month
  • Collections of over $1.8 million
  • Adjusted EBITDA over $700,000
  • Doctor has practiced in community for three decades and has built deep-rooted goodwill
  • Exciting growth opportunity with increased days open/week

Contact Kaile Vierstra with Professional Transition Strategies to learn more about this top-notch practice in the Sooner state: or 719.694.8320