Dental Practice Pre- and Post-Closing Checklists

dentist reviewing X-rays

Whether you’re 10 days out from closing on your dental practice or less than two weeks away from finalizing the transition process, now is not the time to panic. We’ve put together brief but comprehensive checklists to help guide you along the way.

Pre-closing checklist

  • Prepare a settlement statement for accounts receivable and prorated expenses being paid for.
  • Sign loan documents.
  • Settle insurance credentialing, especially when considering Medicaid.
  • Generate a list of suppliers and vendors.
  • Set up accounts with all vendors.
  • Draft a letter to patient notifying them of the transition.

Post-closing checklist

  • Finalize the settlement statement.
  • Send out patient notification letters.
  • Set up supplier and vendor accounts.
  • Notify insurance companies.
  • Hire all employees back to new corporations using proper paperwork (I-9s and W-4s).
  • Confirm wire funds transfer.
  • Host an open house at the office.
  • Access line of credit or operating capital.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to help guide you through the transition process every step of the way.