Periodontal Dental Practices for Sale

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Thinking about purchasing a periodontal dental practice? If so, our PTS brokers are here to answer any questions you may have about owning a periodontal practice. Our industry experience allows us to understand that this is a big decision and we aim to assess your needs as thoroughly as possible. Here are nine Periodontal dental practices for sale.

Denver Suburb – Satellite or Start-up Periodontal Practice for Sale

If you are looking for a satellite or start-up periodontal practice, this is a great opportunity in a high-end Denver suburb. It has four operatories, an in-house dental lab, and newer equipment. Further, there is a steady income of 5 new patients a month. With $150k in collections, this is a great growth potential, especially with expanded hours and marketing efforts. If you are interested, you can also purchase the real-estate or lease from the current owner.

Philadelphia – Successful Periodontal Practice for Sale

This practice’s renowned dentist is looking to retire from his successful Philadelphia Periodontal practice. Besides the office’s prime location in the city, there are 8 operatories and over 800 active patients. Overall, with collections over $1.3 million in 2016, this is a worthwhile investment.

Delaware – Highly Regarded Doctor Looking to Sell

This successful Delaware practice features 5 fully equipped operatories and has a steady stream of referrals. Further, the collections are over $1.3 million and the net income is nearly $950k!

Maryland – Established Periodontal Practice for Sale

This dental practice is successful and established in a charming city in Maryland. The current doctor has a great reputation and is looking to retire. There are over 1,000 active patients with a steady referral base. Further, this practice has 7 operatories. Overall, with nearly 1.3 million in collections in 2016, this is a great opportunity to start your practice with immediate patient flow and income.

Denver Metro Area – Long Standing Periodontist Looking to Retire

This is the best of dentistry: wonderful patients and a solid income. This well-balanced practice is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado. The current doctor has enjoyed a consistent referral base and is willing to stay on board to ensure a successful transition. Further, the year’s best netting doctor made over $200k with only 70 implants placed. Overall, with its premium location and $500k+ in production, this investment is worthwhile.

Southern California – Renowned Practice for Sale

If you are looking to own a successful Periodontal practice in sunny California, this listing is for you! It features 4 operatories, has a consistent referral base, and collections over $1.2 million. Further, the current doctor’s net income is over $565k. Overall, it’s excellent marketing and prime location makes this Southern California practice a worthwhile investment.

Denver Metro – Long Standing Periodontal Practice for Sale

This is another great opportunity for a startup or satellite practice! The current doctor has enjoyed a consistent referral base and the best year’s netting doctor made over $200k. With over $500k in production, this office features four operatories with newer equipment. With only a few days in the office, the current collection is $150k. Further, by extended hours and making marketing efforts, there is great growth potential in this beautiful Denver practice.

Indiana – Periodontal Practice for Sale

This distinguished Indiana practice has steady growth and is looking to sell! Further, the beautiful office has 7 operatories and a steady referral base of over 100 doctors. After operating and wage expenses, the net income is over $525k.

Austin Area, Texas – Long Established Periodontal Practice

Located near Austin, Texas, this long-established practice features 4 operatories and newer equipment. Along with its prime location, this practice has nearly $1.7 million in collections and a net income of over $766k.

Overall, a Periodontal dental practice can be a worthwhile investment. If one of these Periodontal dental practices for sale caught your eye, we recommend speaking with Professional Transition Strategies. Dental practice transitions are not as easy as some doctors may think. That’s why a third party is often required to work out the kinks. We are here to make the transition process as painless as possible for all parties involved – including associates, staff, and patients. To do this, we require all potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure before sharing details of the practices for sale. This protects the privacy of the seller and ensures the transition is smooth for everyone.

For more general information on buying a dental practice, check out our Buyers eBook. It covers the process of buying a practice, banking, evaluating a practice, and more. If you want more information about any of these Periodontal dental practices for sale, please feel free to contact us at any time!