Quarterly Performance Review

Our goal is to help make the practice more successful and more profitable.

We know that many doctors want input on the health of their practice, but in most cases they are not willing to pay the tens of thousands of dollars most consulting firms charge. Much like a medical or dental checkup, we have found many practices would benefit greatly from a quarterly confidential practice performance survey, indicating strengths and weaknesses, and see how the practice compares to those of local peers and colleagues. Because we work closely with hundreds of local medical and dental practices, we see what the top performing offices are doing to be successful. We offer suggestions and a plan to improve the performance of the practice. We perform this service without a contract or large financial outlay.

Some of the key indicators we focus on include:

  • Production, Adjustments, Collections, Accounts Receivable
  • Overhead %, Margin
  • Production/Hour, Margin/Hour
  • Visits, New Patients, Production/Visit, Margin/Visit
  • Hygiene Performance and Hygiene Efficiency
  • Income
  • Confidential Local Fee Survey
  • Confidential Local Salary Survey

From this data and analysis, we can find opportunities for improvement in:

  • Practice and Production Growth
  • Case Acceptance
  • Hygiene Department
  • Profit

Ultimately this Practice Performance Survey helps the doctor understand his/her practice better, and helps him/her become a stronger leader. Strong financial performance leads to improved annual income and a higher selling price when it comes time to consider transitioning the practice.

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"True professionals whose expertise alleviates stress and is second to none.  Kyle’s knowledge of all things dentistry is highly valuable as is his ability to facilitate transactions and negotiations.  Stanton’s knowledge of the real estate arena can’t be rivaled.  They’re available through every step of the process and are advocates that I couldn’t function without."
Dr. Tyler Boss

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