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A practice transition is not as simple as some doctors may believe. If not done correctly, it
can be a very costly experience. We specialize in making the transition process painless.
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Helping People Who Are Selling a Dental Practice or Buying a Dental Practice

Transitioning a dental practice for sale is not as simple as some doctors believe. If not done correctly, it can be costly. As author Jim George said: “Transitions themselves are not the issue, but how well you respond to their challenges!” (1) At Professional Transition Strategies, we make the process of selling a dental practice easy, painless and seamless for general and pediatric dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists,oral surgeons, and periodontists across the country.

If you are considering a transition — looking to sell your dental practice, considering bringing on a partner, or looking at buying a dental practice — you came to the right place. Contact the Professional Transition Strategies team to determine the right plan for you and your future.

There is nothing wrong with change…if it is in the right direction.

—Winston Churchill


Buyer Representation

Should I take out a loan? How much will the loan cost me? Is this fair market value? We have the expertise to answer these questions and more. To learn more about the services we offer to dental practice buyers, visit our buyer’s representation page. We even have a calculator to estimate what the monthly cost of a purchase would be.

Dental Practice Broker: 5 Benefits Of Partnering with PTS

Read Our Case Studies

Every professional transition is unique its own way. Over the years we encountered a number scenarios, both simple and complex. To illustrate the variety of situations and clients we have worked with, visit our case studies page. You might find something that parallels your needs.

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What do I need to know to have a successful dental practice transition? Good question. We have written an ebook called Strategies for Transition, which provides a comprehensive guide for those figuring out the next steps for themselves and their practice. Learn more and register to receive your free copy.

How to Sell A Dental Practice

Whether you want to sell a practice and leave, partner with another dentist to help carry the load, sell but stay on as an associate, or simply merge or affiliate with a larger practice or dental service organization in your area, Professional Transition Strategies will provide the services you need to make your transition successful.

The steps to selling a dental practice or merging a dental or medical practice is intricate. It includes not only the financial and physical challenges but emotional ones, as well. We can help you navigate through this process because we have been there and we know the components needed for a smooth transition. We realize that every situation is unique, and we will help you decipher which option is best for you.

For the seller, options include but are not limited to:

  • Sell your practice and leave.
  • Sell a portion of your practice to a partner for a longer-term transition plan.
  • Sell your practice but continue to work as an associate; determine your own work schedule.
  • Merge with another successful dental practice.
  • Affiliate with a DSO.
  • Receive a private equity cash infusion to grow your practice concept.
  • Keep your practice and use strategies from our practice analysis to increase revenues.

Why Use Dental Practice Brokers to Sell My Practice?

Selling a practice takes approximately 150 hours, which is why you’ll want to hire a professional broker who specializes in dentistry to do the heavy lifting rather than attempting to add that task to your already full plate. In order to get the most of your sale, both financially and personally, there are other considerations that can affect the entire outcome of selling your practice. After all, your time is money.

Focus on the bottom line

Your primary focus during the selling process is to maintain the success of your practice. Both you and your buyer will suffer consequences if the value of your practice decreases with a decrease in production.

Enlist an expert

Just like your patients come to you for your experience, trust a broker for their expertise. Professional practice brokers are experts in the industry and have extensive market knowledge that will lead to a more seamless and possibly faster sale.

Alleviate stress of dental practice transition

Change can bring on unnecessary anxiety among staff and patients if the transition is not handled properly. The experts at Professional Transition Strategies can  ensur the identity of your practice is protected.

Vet potential buyers

A professional dental broker will actively handle all your marketing needs to ensure the sale of your practice is put in front of the right eyes. Brokers often already know potential buyers looking for a practice in your area and will present you with only qualified prospects.

Remain professional

Selling a practice can be an emotional process, so a professional broker will help remove emotion from the transaction for a more efficient and cleaner outcome, allowing you to maintain a work-life balance.

Looking to Buy a Dental Practice?

Are you looking to start a career or for a chance to expand your current practice? Whatever your reasons, Professional Transitions Strategies will provide the services you need to make your transition successful.

Whether you are merging or buying a dental or medical practice, be prepared as it can be a complex process. The team at PTS will be there to guide you through the series of potential challenges this dental transition can present to ensure that you have a good and seamless experience. We believe that every set of circumstances is different. Therefore, we are creative when the situation calls for it, and we don’t look at things from a specific viewpoint.

For the buyer, we offer the following benefits:

  • Knowledge of medical or dental competition and patient demographics in your location of interest.
  • Expertise in practice appraisals to determine a fair market value.
  • Financial assistance for purchase and upgrades.
  • Real estate, legal, accounting, and strategic knowledge to offer a complete transition service all in one place.

Dental Practice for Sale

Professional Transition Strategies works with elite dental practices throughout the country. Browse through our list of currently available dental practices for sale. We do have new practices that become available weekly. Therefore, contact our team to set up your own buyer profile. We will notify you first when your ideal practice for sale comes on the market, before it is marketed to the public.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a Dental Practice?

You’re ready to start the process of buying a dentistry practice for sale. But there are several steps you need to know before buying a dental practice. Here’s what you can expect from the transition process.

Professional Transition Strategies

There are many attributes that make Professional Transition Strategies stand apart from the crowd. In addition to our short-term dental listing agreements, our proprietary dental practice appraisal process, our active marketing approach to a dentistry practice for sale and the fact that we believe every transition is unique in its own way and requires a creative approach, we are strong believers in giving back.

By serving the dental and medical communities, we at Professional Transition Strategies understand the value doctors and dentists provide their communities. That is why we donate a percentage of our revenue to a select nonprofit. We allow you to choose from a list of preselected and vetted nonprofits and donate in YOUR name.

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