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Treatment Planning Your Legacy

Buying or selling a dental practice is a big deal – make sure you have the full picture with Professional Transition Strategies.

The creation, buying, selling, relocation, or leasing of a dental practice is a huge financial, emotional, and professional decision. But transitioning a dental practice without the proper data and knowledge comes at a high price – in money, time, and frustration. At Professional Transition Strategies, our experts specialize in making your transition process informed and painless – just like the services you provide your clients.

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We Help Those Who Are Selling a Dental Practice or Buying a Dental Practice Have the Information They Need to Do it More Successfully

We want you to make an educated decision based on data, not gut reactions. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation prospectus for your practice. We believe that the best decision is an informed decision, which is why we concentrate on providing the data, options, and background you need.

We diagnose your unique situation by creating a free prospectus for your dental practice, this allows us to learn about your practice’s health history, then we sit down and walk you through the options, preventative measures, and potential solutions to your problems or future needs.

While dental practices often have specialists in house- pedodontists, orthodontists, periodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons – we have the same multi-specialty approach with our marketing, research, contracting, and real estate specialists.

PTS has been working for over a decade to help make the process of buying or selling a dental practice clear and simple for dentists and doctors across the country. We want you to make the right decision for you now, and in the future.

What We Provide

Just like with your patient’s oral health, we believe you should know where your practice currently is and what your long-term options are. We develop this current and long-term plan by going through the following steps:


We dive deep into the health history of your practice by going over your practice reports, financials, demographics of the area, clients, procedures, and more. This diagnosis step can be the lengthiest one, as you are a ‘new patient’ that requires more background and investigation.


Sometimes our clients decide to make a change after seeing their prospectus, and sometimes they do not. This is fully up to you, as we want to give you a full picture so you can make an informed decision about what you want to change, where you want to go, or if you are happy with how your practice is performing. This step may be preventative, preparatory, or merely a continuation of your current health practices.

Review of Findings

As we form your prospectus, we will look over our appraisal as a team to make sure that we are not missing anything and to agree on where the practice is at the moment. Think of it as asking a second doctor or dentist’s opinion on a new or unique case. We believe that communication is the foundation to creating a solid plan.

In-House Multi-Specialty Approach

Just like many dental practices have different specialists for different client needs, so do we! We have CPA, real estate, equipment value, and market comp teams all in-house in order to best understand what your practice has, what it needs, and what its future could hold.

Treatment Presentation

Once we have finished your prospectus, we then review it with you to go over every option. We will never push for an option that doesn’t fit your needs or goals, just like you would never push a client toward a dental procedure they didn’t need or want. Instead, we give you all the information so you can make a fully informed decision based on the data.

Treatment Protocol

Whether you decide to sell your practice fully, sell a portion, find a partner, or become an associate, the choice is yours once we have delivered your prospectus and gone over our findings. Our goal isn’t to sway you in any certain direction, but to show you our treatment plan and allow you to decide what is right for you once you have all the facts.

We act as the practitioner who is responsible for ensuring that whatever plan you decide to pursue is executable, realistic, and has an outcome you will be happy with.

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Advantages of Using a Professional Dental Practice Broker

Selling a practice can take well over 150 hours, which is why many choose to work with a professional dental practice broker to do the heavy lifting rather than attempting to add that task to an already full plate.

In order to get the most out of the sale of your practice, both financially and personally, there are many factors to consider that can affect outcomes. After all, your time is money, and an incorrect transition could cost you dearly in both.

Focus on Your Bottom Line

Your main focus during the selling of your practice should be to maintain the success of that practice. This is because both you and your buyer will suffer if the value of your practice decreases with a decrease in production. But focusing on your bottom line takes time and effort, just like it did when you created your practice in the first place. Let PTS focus on the selling, so you can continue to focus on the bottom line.

Enlist an Expert for Your Sale

Just like your patients come to you due to your experience and expertise, trust in a broker for their experience and expertise as well! It’s not every day that you sell your dental practice – but that is what we do every day! Professional dental practice brokers are experts in the industry and have extensive market knowledge that helps facilitate a smoother, faster, and more successful sale.

Alleviate Stress in Your Dental Practice Transition

Change often brings on unnecessary anxiety among owners, staff, and even patients if the transition is not handled properly. The experts at Professional Transition Strategies can ensure the identity of your practice is protected and help to alleviate some of the stress that change – even good change – inevitably brings.

Vet Potential Buyers

A professional dental broker will actively handle all of your marketing needs to ensure the sale of your practice is put in front of the right eyes. Professional dental brokers often already know potential buyers looking for a practice in your area and will present you with only qualified prospects. At PTS, we have a list of buyers currently searching for practices, and can help match sellers with buyers across the country.

Remain Professional

Selling a practice can be an emotional process, so a professional dental broker can help remove some of that emotion from the transaction for a more efficient and cleaner outcome. This ultimately allows you to maintain a work-life balance, focus on your clinic’s success, remain professional, and utilize the skills and knowledge of our experts.

How to Sell A Dental Practice

Whether you want to sell your practice so you can have more time for your family, travel, or simply in order to retire, Professional Transition Strategies will provide the information you need to find the best transition strategy for you.

The steps to selling a dental practice or medical practice can be intricate, involving medical, legal, and financial aspects. And though you may think you want to sell, or not to sell, you won’t have the full picture and be able to make an educated decision until you have seen your practice through a non-biased, professional, researched lens.

Selling your dental practice includes not only the physical challenges and changes but emotional ones, as well. We want to help you navigate through this complicated process because we have been there, and we know the elements needed for a smooth transition, every time. We understand that every situation is different and that your practice is as unique as you are, that is why we will create an individualized strategy to help you decipher which option is best for you and diagnose your individual situation, goals, and needs.

Just as your clients trust you to give them all the information and all their options for their dental procedures, we do the same in making sure our clients fully understand their options, the benefits and costs for each! This means that the first step in selling your dental practice is deciding if now is the right time by reaching out to Professional Transition Strategies for your free, no-obligation practice prospectus.

Reasons to Sell &
Common Solutions

If you want to leave your practice right now…

Consider selling your practice outright to allow you to leave or retire immediately.

If you want to a more gradual exit plan…

Selling a portion of your practice to a partner allows for a longer-term transition.

If you want control over your clinical autonomy…

Sell your practice but continue to work on as an associate, giving you the ability to practice the way you want.

If you want to make your dental practice more profitable…

Consider merging your dental practice with another successful dental practice or DSO (Dental Service Organization).

If you want to grow your practice…

Ask your PTS expert about equity cash infusions for practice growth and expansions.

If you want higher revenues…

Utilize your free prospectus and its strategies to analyze where you are at and how you can improve your practice.

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How to Buy a Dental Practice

If you are looking to start a new career or expand your current practice, then Professional Transitions Strategies can provide the services you need to make your transition successful and help you buy the perfect dental practice for your needs.

If you are buying a dental or medical practice, being prepared is the best strategy. The team at PTS will be there to guide you through the range of potential challenges that dental transitions can present to ensure that you have a positive and successful experience.

We know that every situation and set of circumstances is different. Therefore, we are creative whenever the situation calls for it, changing our strategy and viewpoint to find a solution to every problem, and treating each and every client like the individual they are. We don’t use cookie-cutter strategies at PTS, we custom-tailor each to fit the needs of our clients – both buyers and sellers.

Advantages of Using a Professional Broker to Buy Your Dental Practice

  • Knowledge of medical or dental competition
  • Patient demographics in your location of interest
  • Expertise in practice appraisals to determine the fair market value
  • Financial assistance for purchases and upgrades
  • Real estate, legal, accounting, and strategic knowledge
  • Offering complete transition services all in one place

Dental Practices for Sale

Professional Transition Strategies works with premier dental practices all across the country that are looking to sell.

Browse through our list of available dental practices for sale. We have new practices available every week. Contact our team to set up your buyer profile, and we will notify you first when your ideal medical or dental practice comes on the market, even before it is marketed to the public!

Professional Transition Strategies Your Solution to Buying or Selling a Dental Practice

There are many characteristics that make Professional Transition Strategies stand apart from the crowd, including:

  • We offer a 30-day listing agreement, compared to the standard 1-year long contract
  • We never impose penalties to cancel, because we want you to sell when its right for you
  • We employ a proactive outreach and marketing approach to ensure we bring you as many quality offers and options as possible
  • We are a social impact company and we donate a portion of our broker’s fee to our non-profit partner. Plus, we make these donations in your name
  • No upfront costs or retainer fees, only one broker fee

In addition to our short-term dental listing agreements, proprietary dental practice appraisal process, active marketing approach, and the fact that we have always believed that every transition is unique and requires a creative approach, we are strong believers in giving back.

By serving the dental and medical communities, we at Professional Transition Strategies understand the value doctors and dentists provide their communities. That is why we donate a percentage of our revenue to a select nonprofit. We allow you to choose from a list of preselected and vetted nonprofits and donate in your name after your transaction has gone through. Thank you for helping us help our communities.