3 Reasons to Outsource PPO Work

Increasing revenue and job satisfaction for front office managers at your dental practice can be as easy as outsourcing the management of PPO plans. After all, time is money, especially when front office managers are consumed by scheduling and production responsibilities. As a bonus, this alleviates time that is better spent on navigating the practice and its patients rather than keeping up to speed on the increased complexities and expertise of PPO management. Here’s where to get started. 


Nowadays, managing insurance companies isn’t as straightforward as it used to be, especially when it comes to complex contracts. What was once a side task for a front office manager has been an all-consuming responsibility that takes away from providing good patient care and creating a great office experience. In turn, juggling insurance companies has in itself become a full-time job, one that is best outsourced to the professionals, resulting in an efficient, streamlined process.


A typical front office manager doesn’t have the bandwidth to renegotiate a higher fee schedule with insurance companies and instead are forced to agree to whatever terms are presented. Traditionally, insurance companies set fee schedules and pay less for services, which a dental practice wouldn’t normally agree to upfront, but without the time to invest in research more options, dental practices aren’t left with many choices other than the ones being presented to them.


One of the more daunting tasks for a front office manager to maintain is to re-credential with insurance companies. A lapse in credentials means patients getting charged out-of-network fees when they thought they were in-network, and issuing a credit to patients to make up for the gaffe could result in insurance fraud, leading to a lack of trust between patients and the practice. By outsourcing PPO responsibilities, a third party can either handle the task for you or support your in-house staff during the process.

What’s next?

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