3 Types of Technology to Implement in Your Dental Practice

Advancements in computer processing, data analysis and cloud computing have driven the convergence of innovation and technology in dentistry. But these aren’t just buzzwords. Graphical processing units, Internet of Things (IOT) devices, advanced algorithms and application programming interfaces (APIs) will all contribute to the evolution of technology in the dental practice to make it smarter and more useful, and in turn, grow your dental practice in ways you didn’t think were possible. Here are three technologies to implement in your dental practice now. 

Artificial intelligence

When it comes to the dental industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is designed to support dentists, not replace them. It’s not just limited to X-ray interpretation, diagnosis assistance and predictive preventive care but can also be used for non-medical tasks by identifying trends in patient demographics, as well as assisting with charting, operational processes and inventory management. It can even book appointments and communicating with patients directly thanks to chatbots, which can help during the times of a hiring crisis.

3D printing 

3D printing is the future of restorative dentistry, allowing restorations to be printed directly. It is already being used to meet the high demand and strict requirements needed for permanent crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers at a fraction of the cost of traditional milling machines without sacrificing quality, accuracy or material versatility. Dental scanners are now also able to mass customize aligners and night guards, crowns, surgical guides, models and dentures quickly and inexpensively in-house.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is gearing up in the world of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. AR can superimpose an image or video over a real-world visual so patients can preview their results before treatment for smile transformations, adjustments and enhancements. In the future, augmented reality will be even used with implant procedures.

*Bonus points: Procurement software

As an aside, procurement software, such as Method USA, pulls real-time pricing so you can make smarter purchasing decisions. Not only does this cut down on overhead costs, but it will also increase the overall value of your dental practice when it comes time to sell. Look for a platform that is scalable, easy to use and built specifically for rapidly growing dental service organizations (DSOs) and independent offices alike.

What’s next?

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