4 Reasons to Communicate with Staff and Patients

As a business owner, it may feel as though a lot is out of your control at this point, but now more than ever, it’s important to step up and be the leader your staff and clients need right now. Above all, it’s important to provide guidance and demonstrate that you are in control of what you can control, even when you’re unsure of what the future will bring. Here’s how, when and why to communicate with both staff and patients about the current state of your dental practice.

Consult experts

Remaining in communication can mean extending your reach beyond your network to talk with others in the same position as you and your dental practice. Talk to employees, suppliers and other business partners while being as transparent as you can about your strategy.

Define timeline

Information is king right now, so be sure to keep your team, patients and referral networks all in constant open and honest communication, as much as weekly. Deadlines are a moving target at this point for all those involved, so just communicate with your group as you would want to be informed.

Reopening plans

Chances are, your employees have all the same questions you do but fewer answers. Once you have a clear path forward, make sure you are communicating with them often so everyone is on the same page. Setting expectations up front as best as you can will make an easier transition once you are able to open your doors again.

Setting expectations

Before the practice even reopens, the practice owner may put staff at ease by providing training on COVID-19 risk factors and important protective behaviors. This may also mean communicating to them the steps that will be put in place in the office for the best interest of both the staff and patients to both the staff and patients.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to help put a plan in place for the future of your dental practice.