4 Ways to Focus on Your Dental Practice Culture

There’s a tangential relationship between staff and the patients they serve in a successful dental practice. This means setting yourself up for success not just in the immediate future, but also decades down the road. Each member of your dental practice staff should love what they do, take ownership of their roles and reinforce the values of your dental practice. Here’s how to set up your dental practice for clinical success by establishing a winning team that serves the needs of your patients and staff alike.

Make the right hires

Establishing a successful dental practice team starts with making the right hires. Retention among employees is just as important as patient attrition. The cost of rushing to hire and train a new employee does not outweigh the time it takes to make a proper hire who will stay on board for the long haul. Hiring a temp to fill a temporary gap makes more financial and emotional sense.

Evaluate your priorities

Every new hire gives you a chance to better shape your dental practice. Before even posting for the open position, take the time to realize what you value most as a business owner, what you want to be known for now and what you want your legacy to be after a transition, and what inspires you the most about working at your practice, as well as one thing you would change about your practice that this new hire could potentially bring.

Define soft skills

Yes, you want your new hires and current employees to possess an established set of clinical skills, but it’s also those nontangible qualities that will help to shape your dental practice culture by design. Interpersonal skills will inevitably become the framework on which your business runs both when you’re around and when you’re not, resulting in a positive experience for your patients.

Establish your culture

It’s time to put these ideas into action to set the tone for the culture of your dental practice. By becoming clear about what you want your dental practice to look like and how you want it to operate, you set an example that your staff can follow. An environment of learning, growing, and fulfillment is just as critical to your own development on your quest toward dental practice success.

What’s next?

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