Professional Transition Strategies will be at the ASRM 2017 Congress this weekend

We are excited to be attending the ASRM 2017 Congress. This will be our second time attending the Congress, but our first as an exhibitor. In fact, Professional Transition Strategies will be the only transition broker with a focus on fertility and reproductive medicine in attendance. We are eager to meet some of the most influential people in reproductive medicine and answer questions about selling and buying fertility clinics.  

For now, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about The Congress and Professional Transition Strategies.

What is the ASRM 2017 Congress & Expo?

This is the 73rd annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It has an annual attendance of more than 5,000 experts from all around the globe. Among these experts are genetic counselors, andrologists, nurses, obstetricians/gynecologists, and more.

What is the theme of the ASRM 2017 Congress?

This year’s theme is “Advancing Reproductive Medicine to Build Healthy Families”. In summary, the main focus is on all aspects of reproductive medicine with a focus on health. The program is designed to meet the intellectual and educational needs of physicians, nurses, social workers, genetic counselors, and practitioners.

What is the agenda?

The agenda ranges from advocacy for patients to the latest in molecular and genetic technologies. Additionally, the agenda has a focus on access to care. The courses at this year’s congress include a collection of lectures, symposia, and interactive lessons that support this year’s theme.  

You can learn more about the ASRM 2017 Congress & Expo at

Who is Professional Transition Strategies?

PTS is a transition broker with a focus in fertility and reproductive medicine. We act as a resource to doctors who are looking to sell their fertility clinics. Since selling your practice is likely the biggest decision of one’s career, it is important to be as prepared as possible. Overall, it is nice to have a transition broker on your side if you aren’t looking to close your practice doors or sell to a corporate company. You can learn more about our team here.

Should I sell my fertility clinic?

Every doctor that owns a clinic should plan to eventually sell. The key to a successful and profitable transition is having a plan. That’s where PTS comes in — we are experienced and here to guide you through the steps that are required to sell your clinic.

When should I sell my fertility clinic?

PTS recommends our clients sell their practice when business is at its peak. We find that if doctors wait too long and the practice is declining, it won’t be as attractive to the buyer.

We have found that it could take between one and three years to sell a clinic. But that’s just an estimate — every clinic is different and how long it takes to sell depends on different circumstances such as location, reason for sale, and patient attraction. That’s why if business is good and you are thinking about selling, you should contact PTS right away.

If you are at The Congress, we encourage you to stop by booth #104 to discuss possible transition strategies. If you aren’t attending The Congress this year, you can contact us at any time.