Getting Ready for the 2017 ASRM Congress

dentist reviewing X-rays with patient

We are getting ready for the 2017 ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo in San Antonio, Texas. This will be our second time at the congress and we are excited to announce that Professional Transitions Strategies will be an exhibitor! We will be the only transition broker who has a focus in fertility and reproductive medicine in attendance.

Here’s some more information about the ASRM Congress

The ASRM Scientific Congress and Expo has an attendance of more than 5,000 experts from around the world. These experts address current topics related to human reproduction and include obstetrician/gynecologists, andrologists, urologists, genetic counselors, nurses, and more.

This will be the 73rd annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. This year’s theme is “Advancing Reproductive Medicine to Build Healthy Families”. Overall, this congress will focus on all aspects of reproductive medicine with a special spotlight on health. The agenda ranges from the latest molecular and genetic technologies to advocacy for patients with an aim on access to care. The 2017 ASRM program is designed to address the intellectual and educational needs of physicians, nurses, andrology and embryology lab personnel, social workers, genetic counselors, mental health counseling, and practitioners in mental health, law, and ethics. Overall, this course offerings at this year’s congress will include a collection of plenary lectures, symposia, and interactive sessions all supporting the theme of building healthy families.

You can learn more about the 2017 ASRM Congress at

Here’s some more information about Professional Transition Strategies

We are a transition broker who has a focus in fertility and reproductive medicine. We are here to act as a resource if you are looking to sell your fertility clinic. Since selling your fertility clinic might be the single biggest decision of your professional career, it is important to be as prepared as possible.

So, with that, let’s look at some of the most common questions we get about selling a fertility clinic.

Should I sell my fertility clinic?

Every doctor who owns a fertility clinic should eventually plan to sell. The key to a successful transition is having a well thought out plan. That’s where PTS comes in! We will guide you through the steps to sell your clinic and help you prepare for the transition.

When should I sell my fertility clinic?

In short, the best time to sell your fertility clinic is when it’s at its peak. If you wait too long and the practice is declining, it won’t be as attractive to the buyer and the sell won’t be as profitable.

How long will it take to sell my fertility clinic?

Every clinic is different and how long it takes to sell depends on different circumstances such as location, reason for sale, and patient attraction. With that, it could take between one and three years to sell your clinic.

So, if you are attending the 2017 ASRM Congress, we encourage you to stop by Booth # 104 to discuss possible transition strategies. We will be there to answer any additional questions you have about selling your fertility clinic. If you aren’t attending the congress, you can contact us at any time.