How to Choose the Right Management Software for Your Dental Practice

You already know switching to a cloud-based management software will save your dental practice time, money and physical space with backup, integration and virtual access capabilities. And yes, it is also a factor when valuating patient demographics. But which software is right for your dental practice, whether in the last stages of opening a new practice or converting your already-established business? We outline our top picks for dental practice management software in your quest to go digital

Multi-location dental practices

Cloud-based dental practice management software works especially well with multi-location practices for ease of access when not at a physical location. Look for an option with robust reporting capabilities, like Open Dental, a flexible open-source solution with discount plans, electronic prescriptions, graphical tooth charts, and built-in graphic and custom reports.

Local practices

Some local dental practice management software companies have local branches to assist with in-person setup and training. For example, Dentrix in Utah has a ledger system that integrates with digital X-ray software, streamlining your practice technology into one management system with one workflow so your team works with maximum efficiency.

New and established practices

All dental practices are working toward the same goal of tracking business activity and trends, such as patient demographics and collections by payer. Both SoftDent and Eaglesoft have features for tracking by provider with intuitive interfaces to streamline your day-to-day operations and increase your practice’s efficiency, from financial and clinical data to patient information.

Procurement software

As an aside, procurement software, such as Method USA, pulls real-time pricing so you can make smarter purchasing decisions. Not only does this cut down on overhead costs, but it will also increase the overall value of your dental practice when it comes time to sell. Look for a platform that is scalable, easy to use and built specifically for rapidly growing dental service organizations (DSOs) and independent offices alike.

What’s next?

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