How to Determine the Value of Your Hard Assets

dentist reviewing X-rays with patient

There’s more to putting a price tag on your dental practice than meets the eye. The valuation process takes everything into account from the location of your dental practice to all the hard assets that fill it. Here’s a look at how hard assets of your dental practice are valuated.

Account for everything

Sure, dental equipment carries the big-ticket price — especially when it comes to digital equipment — but don’t underestimate the buying power of furniture, computer equipment and everything else that makes your office tick. It all adds up, especially in the eye of the buyer.

Age matters

When it comes to big-ticket items, like chairs, panoramic X-ray machines, lasers and scanners, the brand and age matter. While it’s impossible to get dollar for dollar back on your equipment because most equipment depreciates quickly, the value these types of machines can add to your practice can prove to be priceless to a buyer.

Determine value

Finding a dollar amount for your hard assets can be as simple as looking at similar pieces of equipment that are for sale on resale sites, such as Atlas, Dental Planet and even eBay. However, values are not equal to insured value, tax-depreciated value or the price that the dentist paid for the equipment.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to start the valuation process of your dental practice transition.