How to Expand Your Dental Practice Demographics

There’s no better time than now to grow your patient database, and the best way to do so is to focus on both the younger and older demographics. Studies show those over 18 don’t see the value in dental care and those over 65 simply lack dental insurance. At a time when dental practice revenues may still be dropping, here are some creative ways to drive new business.

Offer pricing transparency

Hospitals are now required to post prices negotiated with insurance companies, and dental practices should follow suit. This empowers the patient to advocate for more affordable products and solutions, as well as allows them to select and pursue the products and services they want or need. This, in turn, diversifies with whom you do business and the services you offer. The result is priceless patient trust.

Promote subscription-based payment options

With a lack of dental insurance for both younger and older generations, whether through an employer or Medicare, subscription-based payment models are on the rise to offer more options to the patient, helping the dental practice to retain more patients. What’s more, these plans can also be used to supplement traditional dental insurance for those with coverage. In addition, dental practices can promote customized plans with various pricing arrangements, reward options and other incentives to encourage regular visits and enhance profitability.

Invest in personalized customer experience

Put your digital platforms to use by allowing patients to schedule their own appointments online, chat with staff live online and access a patient portal. These outlets can also be used to push notifications and reminders to patients to increase engagement and drive revenue growth. Any chance to communicate directly with patients encourages them to invest in their oral health and, therefore, your dental practice.

What’s next?

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