Boulder, CO Dental Practice for Sale

Boulder, Colorado, is celebrated for its stunning landscapes, dynamic community, and a flourishing wellness culture, setting the perfect stage for a thriving dental practice. New to the market is a leading general dental practice that has solidified its role as a pillar of dental health within the Boulder area. The practice’s journey began over thirty years ago under the guidance of the current owner and doctor, who has since dedicated their career to delivering top-notch dental services. This commitment has cultivated a reputation for reliability, excellence, and unmatched patient care, marking the practice as a beacon of dental health and community trust.

The operational backbone of this practice includes the expertise of both the owner-doctor and an associate dentist. This team ensures that each patient receives comprehensive care across six modern operatories, designed for optimal comfort and efficiency. Remarkably, the practice sees an average of 30-35 new patients weekly, mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive Google reviews, highlighting the community’s trust and satisfaction.

With 2,120 active patients, the practice’s current four-day workweek provides a perfect balance between professional fulfillment and personal enjoyment against the Colorado Front Range’s exquisite backdrop. This arrangement offers potential for the new owner to either preserve the existing schedule for continued work-life balance or expand operating hours to seize growth opportunities and enhance service offerings.

Financially, the practice is an exceptional prospect, evidenced by its nearly $400,000 in EBITDA. This strong financial performance reflects the business’s robust health and positions it for further success and development. The openness of the current doctor to discuss various transition scenarios, including the possibility of remaining for a smooth handover, is an invaluable advantage for the incoming owner. This approach promises a seamless transition, leveraging the departing doctor’s experience and community rapport to sustain and build upon the practice’s legacy.

Highlights of this Boulder, CO dental practice for sale: 

  • 6 operatories
  • Collections of $1.968 million
  • EBITDA of $400,000
  • Over 2,100 active patients
  • Supports multiple dentists

Living in Boulder, Colorado, offers an unparalleled blend of natural beauty, vibrant arts and culture, and a thriving outdoor lifestyle. This city, nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, is a haven for nature lovers, with endless hiking, biking, and climbing opportunities. Boulder’s cultural scene is rich and diverse, boasting a variety of galleries, theaters, and live music venues, reflecting the city’s appreciation for the arts and creativity.

Sporting events, from local college sports to professional competitions, add to the city’s dynamic and active atmosphere. Although the cost of living in Boulder is higher than the national average, many residents find the quality of life, health-conscious community, and access to exceptional outdoor activities well worth the investment. Boulder consistently receives high ratings for its quality of life, including being named one of the happiest and healthiest places to live in the United States, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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  • Type of Practice: General Practice, Dental Practice 
  • Location: Colorado 
  • # of Operatories:
  • Collections: $1,968,000 
  • Adj. EBITDA: 400000 
  • Active Patients: 2,120 
  • new patients per month: 35