Denver, Colorado Dental Practice Seeking Affiliation

Denver, Colorado is renowned for its exceptional quality of life, with its picturesque mountainous backdrop, vibrant cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods, and a robust job market that appeals to professionals, families, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. New to the market in one of South Denver’s most sought-after communities, this thriving general dental practice presents a rare opportunity for acquisition. Boasting a prime location in a bustling office park, the practice benefits from excellent accessibility and prominent visibility, attracting a steady stream of foot traffic and ensuring ease of access for all patients.

With an impressive roster of 3,300 active patients and an average influx of eighteen new patients monthly, the practice is a well-established beacon of oral health in the area. Currently operating on a comfortable four-day workweek schedule, the clinic offers significant potential for growth. New ownership could easily expand office hours to capitalize on untapped patient demand and increase revenue streams.

The practice is well structured to support both an owner-doctor and an associate, making it an ideal setup for affiliation. The current owner is not just seeking a buyer, but a long-term group partner willing to engage in a collaborative venture to further the practice’s reach and operational efficiency. This is more than a sale; it’s an invitation to invest in a partnership that promises long-term growth, sustainability, and community impact in the flourishing landscape of Denver’s dental health services.

For an overview of this Denver dental practice, read below: 

  • 6 operatories
  • Collections of $1.155 million
  • EBITDA of $170,000
  • 3,300 active patients
  • Multiple doctors

The South Denver Metro Area is an increasingly desirable place to live, with suburbs like Littleton being recognized for their top-notch schools and family-friendly atmosphere. The area provides a variety of settings from suburban neighborhoods to nature-oriented locales, catering to diverse preferences for home environments. The natural beauty of Colorado is a significant draw, with snow-capped mountains and vast plains offering breathtaking views.

The livability of the neighborhoods in South Denver is a highlight, with ease of access to restaurants, shops, and workplaces. Some areas are especially noted for their high ‘livability’ ratings, indicating a well-balanced, convenient lifestyle. Additionally, the region boasts various attractions, including cultural and recreational spots that are well-distributed across the neighborhoods, enhancing the appeal of the Denver skyline and the majesty of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

This combination of educational excellence, scenic beauty, lifestyle convenience, and community attractions makes South Denver an appealing option for those looking to relocate. The area’s rich cultural scene, outdoor activities, and various dining experiences contribute to a high quality of life for its residents.

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  • Type of Practice: General Practice, Dental Practice 
  • Location: Colorado 
  • # of Operatories:
  • Collections: $1,115,000 
  • Adj. EBITDA: 170000 
  • Active Patients: 3,300 
  • new patients per month: 20