Mid-Atlantic Orthodontic Practice for Sale with Six Locations

In the diverse and historically rich Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, renowned for its blend of cultural heritage and modern innovation, there lies a remarkable opportunity for specialty dental groups seeking expansion. An orthodontic practice, with a legacy of nearly four decades in providing superior patient care, is on the market. This established practice boasts six strategically located facilities across the Mid-Atlantic region, ensuring comprehensive orthodontic services are accessible to a broad community. Each facility is well-equipped with a minimum of five orthodontic chairs, with a total of forty chairs across all locations. Remarkably, two of these locations are primed for physical expansion, offering potential partners room to grow and scale the practice further.

The backbone of this practice’s success lies in its trio of doctor owners and their dedicated team of ten orthodontic assistants, who together have cultivated a reputation for excellence in patient care and staff satisfaction. This commitment is reflected in the impressive number of new starts, reaching approximately 1,400 in 2023 alone, and a thriving patient base of over 3,300 individuals currently receiving treatment. Despite its minimal advertising efforts, the practice has achieved an enviable level of patient acquisition and retention, highlighting the effectiveness of its operational strategies and the loyalty of its patient community.

Financially, the practice is a powerhouse, with nearly $800,000 in EBITDA, signaling a robust and profitable operation. This presents an unparalleled opportunity for a specialty dental group to join forces with a team of experienced orthodontists. Together, they can continue to deliver exceptional care in the Mid-Atlantic region, further enhancing the practice’s legacy while exploring new avenues for growth and success.

Highlights of the Mid-Atlantic Orthodontic Practice: 

  • Six locations
  • 40 total chairs with room for expansion
  • Collections of $3.186 million
  • EBITDA of $770,000
  • Multiple doctor-owners

The Mid-Atlantic Region, encompassing states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, presents a thriving business and dental climate, making it an appealing magnet for investors. This region is distinguished by its robust economy, housing some of the nation’s leading financial, tech, and healthcare industries, alongside a prospering dental sector. The Mid-Atlantic boasts a high concentration of dental professionals and clinics, supported by state-of-the-art research facilities and dental schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania and New York University, which consistently rank among the best in the country.

The Mid-Atlantic’s attractiveness for living and investing is further enhanced by its diverse economic base, superior healthcare infrastructure, and a quality of life that is highly desirable. The region’s cities often receive high livability scores, highlighting their excellent education systems, cultural richness, and efficient public transportation. Recent accolades include cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia being named among the top places to live in the U.S., thanks to their economic growth potential and lively urban environments. For investors, the Mid-Atlantic Region offers a stable and promising market with a high demand for dental and healthcare services, driven by a large, affluent population seeking premium care.

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*Note: The map location is not the exact location of the practice to ensure confidentiality. For more details, please contact PTS.

  • Type of Practice: Dental Practice, Orthodontic Practices 
  • Location: District of Columbia 
  • # of Operatories: 40 
  • Collections: $3,186,000 
  • Adj. EBITDA: 770000 
  • Active Patients: 1,400