Orthodontic Practice Opportunity in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, is widely celebrated for its year-round sunny weather, stunning desert landscapes, and a vibrant cultural scene that includes renowned museums, diverse cuisine, and a host of outdoor recreational activities. New to the market in the greater Phoenix area is a reputable orthodontic practice presenting a unique opportunity for partnership with a premier group. With multiple locations featuring a total of fifteen state-of-the-art chairs and two consult rooms, this practice is designed for efficiency and patient comfort. The facilities include a blend of open-bay chairs, private consult rooms, and a closed operatory, catering to a diverse range of patient needs and preferences.

The current orthodontist, who brings years of experience and a strong community reputation, is seeking a collaborative partnership. They are committed to continuing their practice for another eight years, offering a seamless transition and sustained expertise. This presents an invaluable opportunity for a partner group to benefit from the existing patient trust and professional acumen. The practice boasts nearly 2,000 active patients undergoing treatment, with an average of 18 new patients monthly. The patient base is a testament to the high-quality care and personalized treatment plans offered here.

Financially, the practice is a proven success, with a history of profitability. This is an ideal scenario for a group that values patient care excellence while looking to assist in the nuances of day-to-day practice management. The partnership aims to enhance operational efficiencies, allowing the orthodontist to focus on patient care and clinical excellence. This orthodontic practice offers a rare and lucrative opportunity. It combines a well-established patient base, a professional environment conducive to high-quality care, and the potential for continued growth and success under a synergistic partnership. This is more than a practice; it’s a legacy in the making in the vibrant community of Phoenix, Arizona.

For an overview of this Phoenix orthodontic practice, read below: 

  • Two locations
  • 15 total chairs and two consult rooms
  • Collections of $2.096 million
  • EBITDA of nearly $335,000
  • 2,000 active patients

Phoenix, Arizona, isn’t just a city; it’s an experience, a lifestyle, a vibrant oasis rising from the Sonoran Desert. With an impressive livability score of 76/100, Phoenix outshines most cities, boasting exceptional amenities, affordable housing, and an invigorating cost of living. It’s a melting pot of youth and diversity, where the average age of 33 pulses through the city’s veins, creating a dynamic and spirited community.

Outdoor adventures beckon with iconic Camelback Mountain and the sprawling South Mountain Park, offering a playground of trails for hiking and biking enthusiasts. Culturally, Phoenix is a treasure trove – from the expansive collections of the Phoenix Art Museum to the unique global rhythms of the Musical Instrument Museum. The Arizona Science Center sparkles with interactive wonder, igniting minds young and old.

The culinary scene in downtown Phoenix is a symphony of flavors, surrounded by an eclectic mix of art galleries, trendy cocktail bars, and pulsating live music spots. Rich in history and culture, attractions like the Heard Museum offer a deep dive into American Indian art, connecting past with present. Sports fans revel in the city’s athletic spirit, with pro teams like the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, and Arizona Diamondbacks bringing excitement year-round. In Phoenix, life is more than living; it’s an art form, seamlessly blending natural beauty, cultural depth, sporting fervor, and a youthful energy into a tapestry of unmatched livability.

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  • Type of Practice: Dental Practice, Orthodontic Practices 
  • # of Operatories: 15 
  • Collections: $2,096,000 
  • Adj. EBITDA: 335000 
  • Active Patients: 2,000 
  • new patients per month: 18