5 Questions to Ask When Selling a Fertility Clinic

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Years of experience in building your own fertility clinic have taught you the value of using your own judgment to make a career choice. It has also likely taught you the benefit of being well informed before making big decisions. Perhaps no decision will have a greater impact on your future than selling your fertility clinic. Here are some of the most common questions about selling a fertility clinic.

Why should I consider selling my fertility clinic?

Every doctor who owns a fertility clinic should eventually plan to sell. The key to a successful transition is having a well-thought-out plan and selling when the clinic is at its peak. If you wait too long and your practice is declining, it won’t be as attractive to the buyer and the sale won’t be as lucrative. At Professional Transition Strategies (PTS), we recommend selling your fertility clinic when business is at its best.

When is the right time to sell my fertility clinic?

It is best to sell the clinic on your terms, timeline and type of transition rather than the need to sell. A professional transition broker will help determine when all those stars align.

How long will it take to sell my fertility clinic?

Every clinic is different, and how long it takes to sell depends on different circumstances. With that, it could take between one and three years to sell your fertility clinic, which is why it’s best to start planning early so you can sell at your clinic’s peak.

What are my transition options?

You have several different options for transitioning your fertility clinic, including:

  • Buy-out
  • Partnership
  • Buy-in to buy-out
  • Merger
  • Affiliation

What can I do to prepare to sell my fertility clinic?

The first step in preparing to sell your fertility clinic is to meet with PTS to create a plan. From there, we will conduct a comprehensive practice appraisal. This will determine ways to make your clinic more profitable and, in turn, more valuable. Further, it is important to take the time to get your clinic in the best financial and operational shape possible. Here are several ways to increase your clinic’s value:

  • Increase top-line revenue
  • Lower your expenses
  • Update your clinic
  • Acquire or merge

What’s next?

To learn more about the process of selling your fertility clinic, contact us today.