The Hottest States in America for DSOs To Purchase Dental Practices

dentist looking at x-ray

In the ever-evolving landscape of the dental industry, dental service organizations (DSOs) have become an integral part of the market. DSOs are companies that offer support services to dental practices, allowing dentists to focus on patient care while the business aspects are managed efficiently. Over the years, DSOs have shown a growing interest in expanding their footprints by purchasing dental practices. 

In this blog post, the strategic partnerships team of Ann Rash and Carrie Naroian at Professional Transition Strategies (PTS) breaks down the top five states in America that are currently the hottest for DSOs’ interest in acquiring dental practices.

Texas: The Lone Star State shines bright

Texas stands out as one of the hottest states for DSOs seeking to purchase dental practices. With its rapidly growing population and diverse economy, Texas offers a wealth of opportunities for dental professionals. The state’s business-friendly environment and a high demand for dental services make it an attractive destination for DSOs looking to expand their operations.

Florida: Sunshine and smiles

Florida has long been a popular destination for retirees and families alike, creating a consistent demand for dental services. DSOs recognize the potential in this Sunshine State, where a thriving dental market and a strong economy provide an ideal environment for growth. Florida’s demographics and tourism industry further contribute to its appeal for DSOs.

California: The Golden State of dental opportunities

California’s massive population and diverse communities make it a prime location for DSOs seeking to purchase dental practices. The state’s commitment to oral health and innovation in healthcare delivery align well with DSOs’ goals. With its thriving technology sector and health care industry, California offers ample opportunities for DSOs to establish a strong presence.

Arizona: Desert blooms for dental practices

Arizona is another state that has seen a surge in interest from DSOs. The state’s favorable regulatory environment, coupled with a growing population, creates a welcoming atmosphere for dental professionals. Arizona’s warm climate and affordable living also attract dentists and patients alike, making it an excellent choice for DSO expansion.

Georgia: The Peach State’s dental potential

Georgia rounds out our list of top states for DSO acquisitions. With its bustling metropolitan areas and thriving suburbs, Georgia offers a rich blend of urban and suburban dental markets. The state’s commitment to healthcare access and a burgeoning dental community make it a compelling option for DSOs looking to grow their presence in the Southeast.

What’s next?

The dental industry is evolving, and DSOs are playing a significant role in shaping its future. These five states — Texas, Florida, California, Arizona and Georgia — are currently the hottest destinations for DSO interested in purchasing dental practices. As they continue to expand their operations and provide essential support services, DSOs are contributing to the growth and accessibility of dental care across the United States. If you’re a dental entrepreneur in one of these states, consider working with an experienced dental practice broker to guide you through the selling process, so you can align with a DSO who can offer promising prospects for growth and maximize the value of your practice. Contact the experts at PTS to learn more.