Top Marketing Tactics Your Dental Practice Can Borrow from Other Industries

In a competitive environment, it can feel like bigger dental practices have bottomless marketing budgets. In order to grow your business, a smart tactic can be to look at other industries for ideas and inspiration. Here’s what marketing tactics are trending in other industries that can be applied to your dental practice.

Personalized marketing

Real estate agents, in particular, have mastered the art of personalized marketing. Compared to standard marketing outreach, personalized marketing attempts generate a higher response using variable data, which allows you to customize multiple design points on a marketing piece, like a recipient’s name, address, neighborhood or a personalized offer. For dental practices, this could mean utilizing birthdates, last appointments and other information you already have on file to your advantage.

Online efforts

Online marketers rein supreme when it comes to automated emails based on follow-up content, such as purchase confirmation, items left in a cart or renewal notice. Direct mail and email triggers for dental practices include appointment reminders, as well as new mover campaigns based on U.S. Postal Service (USPS) records. Dental practices can also take advantage of end-of-year reminders to use their benefits before they lose them.

What’s next?

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