What Is the Value of My IVF Clinic?

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Selling your IVF clinic might be the single biggest decision of your professional career. You don’t want to leave money on the table or get shorthanded in the process. With so much at stake, you really need to understand your IVF clinic value, even if you’re not in the process of selling. Here at Professional Transition Strategies (PTS), we understand that selling or merging an IVF clinic is an intricate process, and we are here to guide you through it. Here’s how to determine your IVF clinic value.

Should I sell my IVF clinic?

Every doctor who owns an IVF clinic should eventually plan to sell. The key to a successful and profitable sale is having a plan and selling when the clinic is at its peak. If you wait too long and your clinic is declining, it won’t be as attractive to the buyer, and the sale won’t be as profitable. Working with a professional transition broker will help put a plan in place to help you prepare for the eventual transition. 

Why should I know the value of my IVF clinic?

If you are considering selling your practice, need a second-opinion appraisal, want to bring on a partner into your business, planning for retirement, or are determining your personal net worth, you should know the value of your IVF clinic.

Determining the value of your IVF clinic

There are several details that go into determining the value of your IVF clinic. A good place to start is to have a comprehensive practice appraisal conducted. Not only does this help you understand your IVF clinic’s value, but it also helps you determine ways to make your clinic more profitable. At PTS, we use the most effective method of calculating your clinic’s worth. We look at both attributes and challenges and how they have impacted the clinic.

What affects the value of my IVF clinic?

There are several factors that can affect the value of your clinic. Some factors are the clinic’s location, growth potential, patient attraction and retention rates, reason for sale of the clinic, condition and age of medical equipment, and long-term trends of the clinic’s revenue and profit margin.

What’s next?

If you are ready to determine your IVF clinic value or have any other questions, contact us.