What Sets PTS Apart?

dentist reviewing x-rays

In the bustling landscape of dental practice transitions, finding the right broker can be the difference between a smooth process and a costly mistake. With the myriad options available, what sets us apart from the rest? Let’s explore the key factors that dental practice buyers and sellers have shared with us that contribute to the PTS difference.

Seamless Integration

Both buyers and sellers appreciate PTS for our responsiveness and organization, which sets a solid foundation for a smooth transition process. PTS is unique in that we have a dedicated transaction coordinator overseeing every step so that all essential components and considerations are meticulously addressed.

This not only benefits sellers but also attracts DSOs (dental service organizations), who value our efficiency and reliability. By partnering with PTS, all parties can trust that crucial components are carefully handled, reducing delays and administrative burdens, and ultimately facilitating smoother transitions that close on time.

More Offers and Options

Our tailored prospectuses attract DSOs seeking clear and concise information, increasing the likelihood of securing the best deal for sellers. A proprietary document crafted by PTS, the prospectus serves as a window into the health of the practice, presenting vital information such as financials, patient demographics, insurance details and more. We pride ourselves on delivering prospectuses that are easy to digest yet comprehensive in content.

By streamlining the transaction process and providing comprehensive prospectuses, DSOs are more likely to want to work with us, and we therefore attract more offers. This increased interest translates into a higher likelihood of securing the best deal for practice owners.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Many other brokers require the DSO or interested buyer to determine the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of a practice — a time-consuming task that adds significant burden. These brokers essentially hand over all information about the potential practice and task the buyer with calculating EBITDA. We take a different approach, relieving buyers of this heavy lifting.

We provide buyers with the practice’s EBITDA upfront, derived from our internal valuation process. This proactive step not only reduces the buyer’s workload but also offers a clearer picture of the practice’s health. By simplifying the evaluation process, PTS ensures that transactions proceed smoothly, fostering trust among all parties involved.

Strategic Guidance

Dental entrepreneurs benefit from our experienced team of brokers and consultants who offer strategic guidance tailored to their goals. Whether it’s navigating negotiations, ensuring financial transparency or devising long-term growth strategies, we provide personalized support every step of the way. This strategic counsel empowers dental entrepreneurs to make informed decisions that align with their personal vision for practice ownership.

Fair Negotiations

We’re dedicated to ensuring fair negotiations that uphold the interests of dental entrepreneurs. Leveraging their expertise and market insights, PTS brokers negotiate on behalf of dental entrepreneurs to secure optimal terms and conditions. We can even craft various deal structures that secure practice owners the best deal uniquely for them. By advocating for fair deals that maximize value and mitigate risks, PTS ensures that dental entrepreneurs enter into transactions with confidence and peace of mind.

Transparent Processes

Transparency is paramount in every interaction with dental entrepreneurs. From the initial stages of practice evaluation to the finalization of transaction details, we maintain open and transparent communication channels. Dental entrepreneurs can trust they’re fully informed and involved throughout the process, helping them to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Bottom Line

In essence, what sets PTS apart from other dental practice brokers is our commitment to efficiency and transparency with a client-centric approach. By offering a seamless and organized process, digestible prospectuses and relieving buyers and sellers of the heavy lifting, we ensure that practice transitions are conducted with precision and clarity. With our team of experts, dental entrepreneurs can navigate practice transitions with confidence, knowing that their interests are in capable hands.

Ready to make your dental practice transition smooth and stress-free? Contact PTS today to experience what sets us apart.