5 Ways to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice

dentists working on patient

The underlying goal of any business owner is to grow its customer base. With a dental practice, whether new or existing, there are small but impactful ways to attract new patients, while at the same time contributing to the valuation of your business. Here’s how to get started.

Insurance options

The sale of a dental practice is a great time to start shopping other insurance companies to make sure you’re offering the best coverage for your patient base, while also opening the door to new patients.

Newspaper announcement

In addition to involving the community in the transition of a dental practice, a joint announcement in the local newspaper will help drive new business to the practice with the added exposure.

Marketing strategy

Pre- or post-sale, a well-laid marketing strategy takes time to plan in terms of reach and return on investment. A new practice will need a marketing strategy that is specific to its staff and client demographics rather than carrying over a plan from the previous owner.

Expand services

As the industry continues to move away from solo private-practice specialty providers toward collaborative multispecialist practices, ask yourself: Does this one-stop-shop model benefit my patients as much as my staff in terms of need and affordability? Patient need and care should be top of mind when considering the best solution.


A change in geographic location will not only inevitably attract new clients, but also present the opportunity to upgrade equipment to offer new services, while being careful not to overbuild your new location to avoid patient blowback.

What’s next?

Learn more ways to attract new patients to your dental practice by catching up on our “Insights” blog posts or contacting the experts at Professional Transition Strategies.