How Hiring the Right Staff Can Increase Profitability at Your Dental Practice

dentist working on patient

Chances are, if your dental practice isn’t profitable, your hiring choices might be one of the reasons why. Dental service organizations (DSOs) and private dental practices are equally poised to hire the best team members, though for different reasons, depending on what individuals are looking for in an employer and what’s attractive to them. Here’s how DSOs and private dental practices are doing it right amid the hiring crisis.

What DSOs are doing right

DSOs are set up to offer benefits, health care and a 401K right out of the gate, as well as a higher hourly pay rate. Starting at a DSO, a hygienist can have a better-defined career path with job opportunities outlined upfront. DSOs can invest in the latest technology for staff members to improve their clinical experience. With a defined structure and protocols, there’s no wiggle room when it comes to finding staff with personal values to match.

What private dental practices are doing right

Dental entrepreneurs have the authority to outline what their core values and mission are, then find talent to match. At a private practice, dentists can offer the same autonomy to their staff that they do to patients to provide optimal care. Staff members can feel empowered to bring their creative voice to the process. Private practices are also better positioned to offer flexible work schedules, even hiring temps to fill roles. Employees can feel more valued when they can voice their concerns directly to the practice owner and see tangible results.

What’s next?

Focusing on staffing is just one of the many ways your dental practice can improve its profitability. Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies for more ways to run a successful dental practice.