Why Dentists Should Target Small Businesses for New Patients

The employer market has given dentists the power to take more control of their practices, lessen their dependence on insurers and attract new patients to their practices. Employers value dental benefits and want to provide them to their employees; however, they need a solution that is affordable, simple to administer and provides access to high-quality care. Here’s how small businesses can work around obstacles to offering dental coverage.

The facts

Providing dental insurance shows employees that management cares about their well-being and overall health. Employers know that when employees prioritize their health, they are present and more productive at work, increasing productivity. A dental benefit can also help retain current employees and attract new talent in a competitive job market.

The figures

Research shows 82% of both blue- and white-collar small businesses that do not offer a dental benefit to their employees plan to in the future. Small businesses point to employee turnover as a reason for not providing the benefits but acknowledge offering dental insurance would help lower attrition rates among employees.

The obstacles

Dental benefits not being a priority for their employees, affordability of dental coverage and overall value of dental insurance are all reasons small businesses have provided for not offering this benefit to employees — all of which can be addressed with the right solution and options.

The solution

Employers are looking for affordable, high-quality, efficient care for their employees when it comes to dental insurance options. Small business owners see these benefits as out of their reach, mostly because a majority of the costs go toward third-party administrators. Dedicating one staff member to finding the right solution for your practice will only be beneficial to employers and employees in the long run.

What’s next?

Contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies for more guidance on how to attract more patients to your dental practice.