5 Considerations when Entering into a Dental Practice Merger

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Many scenarios exist under the merger umbrella when joining dental practices. Most notably, are you merging with a practice so you and the existing dentist partner together? Or are you merging with an established practice where the selling dentist is leaving? Either way, to ensure a successful dental practice merger, careful due diligence is imperative. Here are some considerations to take into account.

Consider the pros

When combining two dental practices, it’s expected you’ll expand your patient base and reduce your competition, all while increasing your production numbers and growing your bottom line.

Accept the challenges

With two personalities to consider, it’s only natural disagreements and disputes can occur. If not resolved correctly, it can create a contentious environment that will ultimately affect the arrangement. If dentists don’t agree on deadlocks, it is advised to seek legal counsel to create a way to resolve disputes.

Embrace change

It’s important that all aspects of the new identity, including new logos and possible name change, be considered upfront. What’s more, assess whether a larger location will be needed to accommodate the merger. From there, decide if all current staff positions will be retained, including spouses, or if there are duplicate positions.

Assess compatibility

Do both practices currently accept insurance and the same plans? If not, decide what you are going to keep and what you are going to stop taking. Keep in mind that patients may switch providers should you stop accepting their insurance. Are your fees similar? Patients don’t want to feel as though they are now being overcharged after the merger and may ultimately leave the practice.

Share revenue and expenses

How will assets be divided? Will expenses be shared based on productivity or ownership? Will revenue be shared based on productivity, ownership or a combo of both? All these questions and more should be answered prior to engaging in a merger.

What’s next?

Read up on more dental practice transition options in the e-book “Strategies for Change,” then contact the experts at Professional Transition Strategies to plot your next steps.